IBM® Interact is an interactive engine that targets personalized offers to visitors of inbound marketing channels. You can configure Interact to be behavioral, strictly event-based, situational, strategic, and so on. Interact is a module within the IBM Marketing Software suite of tools.

What Interact does

Interact uses both online and offline data, including in-depth historical knowledge of customers plus current customer activities, to create real-time customer interactions. These interactions increase sales, build relationships, generate leads, increase conversion rates, optimize channel usage, and lower attrition. You can establish the business rules and sales or service strategies that drive real-time interactions, and modify them to reflect the continuous learning from your marketing efforts.

Use Interact to enhance your marketing efforts

Use Interact to give your marketing organization the ability to coordinate real-time inbound customer treatment strategies with your traditional outbound campaigns. With Interact, you use the power of IBM Marketing Software to enhance your real-time marketing efforts in several ways:

  • Use your multi-channel operations.Use information from your customer touchpoints, including web, call center, in-store, branch, to develop knowledge of customers and prospects, create a consistent brand, and maximize customer communications.
  • Create leading-edge website personalization.Engage known and anonymous visitors, consider behavior, and personalize interactions with them by making cross-sell offers, selecting editorial content, offering appropriate service options, and coordinating banner messages.
  • Optimize contact center interactions.Use the power of your contact center for increased revenue generation and customer retention. Provide better interactive voice response (IVR) navigation, on-hold message selection, instant offers for retention and cross-selling, prioritization of offers, and website intervention (such as chat or VoIP).

Use Interact to refine your marketing strategies

You use Interact to control and fine-tune the real-time, analytical content that is delivered to your touchpoint systems. Your strategies can include factors that you consider important. These strategies can drive the response to specific customer actions, driving personalized content from an instant offer link on a website, to a cross-sell opportunity at a call center. Interact gives you control over critical online selling, marketing, and service strategies, and the ability to respond quickly to opportunities or changes in your marketplace.

  • Understanding Interact
    Interact integrates with your customer facing systems-such as websites and call centers-and allows you to retrieve optimal personalized offers and visitor profile information in real-time to enrich the interactive customer experience.
  • Interact architecture
    Understanding Interact architecture helps you understand how Interact communicates with the customer-facing touch point, the runtime servers, and IBM Campaign. Interact architecture uses the Interact API to closely work with the design environment, the runtime environment, and sometimes the testing runtime environment to meet your performance requirements.
  • Campaign key concepts
    Interact integrates with IBM Campaign to define the offers that are assigned to customers. Integration between Interact and Campaign ensures that you can use the same offers across multiple campaigns, and integrate all the contact and response history across all your campaigns.
  • Interact key concepts
    IBM Interact is an interactive engine that targets personalized marketing offers to various audiences.
  • Interact users
    In Interact, you can create user roles, and add single or multiple users for each user role. Users can be common across user roles.
  • Logging in to IBM Marketing Software
    Use this procedure to log in to IBM Marketing Software.
  • Setting your start page
    The start page is the page that displays when you log in to IBM Marketing Software. The default start page is the default dashboard, but you can easily specify a different start page.
  • Interact documentation and help
    Interact provides documentation and help for users, administrators, and developers.

On December 6, 2018, IBM and HCL Technologies announced a definitive agreement under which HCL will acquire select IBM collaboration, commerce, digital experience and security software products. The transaction closed on June 30, 2019. The full list of products and part numbers included in this transaction can be found here.

This IBM Interact 9.1.1 documentation is current as of the closing date set forth above but will not be updated further. It will be retained here for a limited time for the convenience of our customers but may be removed in whole in part at any time. If you have any questions, please visit or you may send an email to:



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