A.) over 90% of our people stay informed on technology changes, we effectively upgrade, use and test software, systems and online tools. We measure ROI of our technology stack and call on Ryan to perform MTSE’s quarterly

B.) We have a few “tech wizards” in the company; most of our leadership want to continue digital transformation progress. But there remains a small group of people push back on new technology and software upgrades. We do continue legacy tech stack operations.

C.) Leadership belief is that Digital transformation is a “drop in the bucket” and does not effect our vision, mission, or overarching strategy. No need to spend money on technology trials.

D.) What is a Digital Strategy? We have an Enterprise Resource Planning tool and contact database. That’s enough for us.

E.) 100% of our operations rely on as little software as possible; we avoid new systems & consultants to save money and keep out costs down. We are still making money and can scale at any time.

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