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Predictive marketing, business intelligence, online marketing strategy, data management, marketing automation and optimization.
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Ryan has spent just over a decade driving revenue growth for industry leading organizations such as Lamar Advertising Corp., NAI Global and Butler Manufacturing/ BlueScope Steel. His marketing, advertising & sales experience spans across the Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Plastics, Manufacturing, Construction, Outdoor Advertising, Digital Marketing and Management Consulting segments.

In 2018 he completed a Business Analytics program at the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia focused on collecting descriptive and predictive data and turning it into actionable insights using world class best practices. The Wharton program immediately provided Ryan with the tools to develop a predictive model used by management to calculate revenue targets during annual strategic planning. He has a marketing portfolio available upon request. As a salesman he has an 8 figure track record, also available upon request. In 2017-19, Ryan closed over 47% of the opportunities he qualified; The average close ratio across all industries is 19% (source:

Inquiries: rs @ ryan-seitz . com

Work & Continuing Edu.


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Business Intelligence Analyst


RS.Agency - Ryan Seitz Agency

Consulting on Digital Strategy, Artwork & Predictive Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Certificate Program: Customer engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics

Google Analytics Academy

Graduates gain fluency in Google's measurement tools so that you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis



Integrated Sales/Marketing

Planning, Buying, Optimization & Management

Strategic Marketing

Understanding what matters most to your best buyers, effectively optimizing the marketing mix, delivering content that attracts high value customers to your business and doing so seamlessly across multiple channels.

BI & Predictive Analytics

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Data Analytics

Collecting, structuring data using industry best practices, predicting future outcomes using appropriate analytical models, Formulating data-driven recommendations to make strategic business decisions.

Digital, Social & Search

From Paid to Organic; Google to LinkedIn & Online Video


Digital marketing industry is predicted to grow 40% YOY compared to 5-6% growth in other industries (YourStory & Kstart). My own results have exceeded 8X in many cases

Customer Acquisition

High Value Prospects & Projects

New Customer

Ryan has been responsible for identifying and producing new customers with high Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for most of his career. What is CLV you ask? Schedule a free meeting to find out more

[ Methodology ]

  • Sales: Sandler, Sales Evolution, Lamar Corp,,
  • Marketing: Integrated- Omni channel, Customer LVT Strategic/Targeted, Mass Personalized, Inbound/ Automated; Read More about my approach Channel & Content Strategy
  • Project Managment: AGILE/ Scrum (select methods)
  • Data Science: 1. Problem to Approach; 2. Requirements & Collection; 3. Understanding & Preparation; 4. Modelling & Evaluation; 5. Deployment & Feedback loop
  • Improvement: Kaizen, Fishbone/ Root Cause

[ Process ]

  1. Discovery/ Needs Analysis
  2. Strategy & Agreement
  3. Source & Implement
  4. Optimize & Manage

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Contact Me:

Philadelphia, PA

Phone: +01 484 525 0023

Email: rs


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